So if were being honest here, (Julie’s mom who is a family friend hired me) Julie made it clear from the beginning that she was really only interested in videography., and just wanted me to get the big moments throughout the day. I mean, if I had to choose photo or video, it would def be video because let’s face it- video captures way more than a still photo ever could…keeping the memory even more alive. I totally respected Julie’s wishes- I made sure I wasn’t crossing lines with the videographer, and we didn’t do bride/groom photos during cocktail hour. I used that time to take a few family photos and walked around taking candids. I loved everything about this wedding from the venue on the water, to the peaches and blush colored flowers that I couldn’t help but get home and start editing. I probably had this gallery out to them within a week. I received a text from Julie shortly after saying how happy she was that she had these images and thanked me over and over again. That obviously put a huge smile on my face and I’m glad I was able to be a part of this gorgeous spring wedding.